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leadership during the covid-19 pandemic

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Part leadership symposium, part group therapy session, the COVID Stories podcast series brings association & nonprofit leaders together to share their experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on work and life.

Insightful, enlightening, and sometimes funny, COVID Stories gives us a unique view of a once-in-a-lifetime event; the challenges it presents today, and how it will shape our future. Don't miss this opportunity!

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A Pandemic-Proof IT Management Plan

A thriving, successful 501(c) organization needs a rock-solid Information Technology foundation. And the core of that foundation should be an IT management plan that delivers consistent results now and in the future.

The IT Guys have created that plan; 501cloud.

As the name implies, 501cloud is a cloud-based IT management plan designed expressly to meet the needs of today's crazy-busy associations and nonprofits. It meets those needs by providing ...



Your valuable information is safe and private. Layers of hardware infrastructure and software protocols protect your valuable data from hackers and the malware of the week. You can count on it.



We lock the bad guys out while allowing you easy access to your information in the Cloud. Using the software apps you already know, 501cloud makes for an easy and painless transition to the cloud.



Work how you want, where you want. Anytime. From all your devices; desktops, tablets, or phones. You're no longer tied to a desk or office. 501cloud delivers effortless mobility on your terms.

The Cloud is Waiting

With 501cloud, your organization enjoys all the benefits of moving to the Cloud without the usual confusion, missteps and high cost of previous failed cloud strategies. The Cloud isn't the future any more. The Cloud is now. The IT Guys will get you there.

We Speak 501(c)

Professional associations and nonprofits have unique needs. We get it. So, we serve the 501(c) market exclusively, insuring our clients have the best Information Technology options possible. That's why we created 501cloud and that's why it works so well.

we've got you covered

Not only will The IT Guys painlessly move your organization to the Cloud, we'll support you once you're there. Everything's covered. Computers, networking, software, cloud services. We support it all for a ridiculously low monthly fee. No billing surprises. Ever.

it really is that simple

How do you move your organization to the Cloud? Easy. Contact us today and learn more about 501cloud. We'll show you how The IT Guys can deliver your Information Technology plan of the future.

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