What is 501cloud?

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Technology, Philosophy, Experience

Like the Internet, the Cloud fundamentally changed how we work. So, The IT Guys created the 501cloud IT management plan to help associations & nonprofits move to the Cloud easily and securely. Part technology platform, part IT philosophy, plus lots of experience; 501cloud has proven to meet the needs of today's crazy-busy associations & nonprofits.

COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has really put 501cloud to the test. The results? Our clients have unanimously agreed; 501cloud made the transition to shelter-in-place "easy" and "seamless." Keep reading to find out how. Then ask yourself, "Isn't it time my organization moved to the Cloud?"

501cloud is the future of association & nonprofit Information Technology. Here's why ...


501cloud is Connected

Mobility is the key component of 501cloud. Freeing organizations from the physical infrastructure of their office allows staff to work anywhere, any time, on any device. Windows computers, Macs, portable desktop systems, laptops, tablets, phones; it doesn't matter anymore. With 501cloud, physical infrastructure is virtualized, resulting in information that is easily accessible, and completely secure.


501cloud is Pandemic-Proof

What will the next pandemic be? Another wave of COVID-19? Or some other, unknown, pathogen that sends us back into lockdown? If that happens, and you're a 501cloud organization, Information Technology won't be a problem to contend with. Everyone "just goes home". Operational continuity is guaranteed. You can focus on your staff and your mission.


501cloud is Disaster-Proof

Disasters can take many forms. From one-time events like a fire or tornado, to long-lasting, "rolling disasters" like the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter the duration, disasters wreak havoc with physical infrastructure. Either because it's completely gone, or still present, but not accessible. 501cloud eliminates all but the most basic physical infrastructure. The result? Virtualized infrastructure with the freedom to work anywhere, despite the most difficult circumstances.


501cloud is Future-Proof

The future is a lot like the weather. We all talk about it, but we don't do much about it. These days, we're talking even more. And never has the future has never been more uncertain. 501cloud eliminates that uncertainty by being both proactive and reactive at the same time. By providing a fully virtualized IT infrastructure, 501cloud is ready for an uncertain future and able to react to unforeseen current events seamlessly and easily.


501cloud is Proven

All these claims sound great, but are they real? Here's the good news; yes, they are. In real-world situations, 501cloud has consistently proven to be the solution to associations & nonprofits moving to the cloud. It delivers an efficient, productive work environment, and operational continuity in the face of disasters, including even global pandemics. The Cloud isn't the future. The Cloud is now. Contact us and discover why 501cloud is the cloud you've been waiting for.

Are you prepared?

Is your organization ready to face the next fire/flood/tornado/hurricane/pandemic/biblical plague? Or, does the idea of a virtual office just sound like where the future lies for your organization?

For Information Technology, COVID-19 has made at least one thing clear. 501cloud is the proven answer to a need shared by every association & nonprofit; to be totally mobile. Not tied down by physical infrastructure. Working and thriving in the cloud. Now and into an unknown future.

The future is heading this way. Are you ready? If you're not sure, contact us and we'll help you create your future with confidence.