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Global pandemic. Shelter in place. Social distancing. Economic shutdown. In a matter of weeks we went from “business as usual” to wondering what “normal” is going to be. We live in perilous times and need all the wise council we can get as we navigate an uncertain future. That's why we came up with COVID Stories.

For the COVID Stories podcast series, we’re bringing together leaders of the association and nonprofit communities to hear how they are dealing with the unprecedented challenges their organizations are facing. We hope that through their shared experiences, we can see that we’re not alone. Even though it feels like we’re the only ones dealing with the circumstances we face, we’re not. We’re all in the trenches together.

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Share your story!

You have a COVID Story. We all do. Why not add to this on-going conversation by sharing yours?

As all of us in the association & nonprofit community come together during the COVID pandemic, we're discovering we’re not as alone as we might think we are. We’re surrounded by others experiencing the same challenges we are, and meeting them in unique ways.

Why not share your experiences? Your challenges and your successes. We're all in this together, and we need to hear from you. Contact Dallas Emerson to discuss an interview and share your COVID Story. Our whole community will be glad you did.

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